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In order to expand your business, you must get your products where your customers are shopping and more importantly, where they are buying. By partnering with SalesWarp, Unleashed Technologies can enable you to quickly accelerate your sales by marketing your products everywhere. The SalesWarp platform integrates with all the major online marketplaces and comparison-shopping engines. You can easily access the major online retailers, such as Amazon, eBay, Google and Buy.com and manage them all from one system.

Market and sell your products though multiple channels with advanced pricing, SEO and sales tools while still being able to manage all your product data, inventory, customer information and orders in one easy-to-use web-based platform.

This helps you boost productivity and expand into new markets while eliminating the need to use multiple systems — because all of your eCommerce operations are controlled from one centralized system. With SalesWarp, you get the following to help you expand your business:

Multi-Store Manager

  • Manage multiple online stores from one system
  • Create searate rules based on store
  • Consolidate Orders & Customer Data
  • Publishing to all stores from one source
  • Manage products and price

Pricing Optimizer

  • Price Grabber Rules
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Automated Bidding
  • Price Trends

Advertising & Promotion Manager

  • Advanced Category & Product Pricing Rules
  • Advanced Feed Manager
  • SEO Manager
  • Sales Campaign Manager

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