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Custom Web App Development

Custom web applications can solve problems within an organization, bring an exciting new idea to your customers, better promote your brand and provide increased security. No matter what your ultimate goal is, Unleashed Technologies has the experience and expertise to quickly build reliable and complex web applications to meet your specific business needs. With our custom web app development services, we tailor fit every aspect around developing game-changing apps that focus on increasing efficiency and providing the highest quality user experience possible. Making sure that all peculiarities of design, functionality, and features are built with your audience in mind. 


Benefits of Custom Web applications

Custom applications offer significant advantages over out-of-the-box software by improving efficiency and saving time. Below are some key benefits of custom web application development.


thumbs up icon Exactly what you need

Your application would be developed to fit your exact wants and needs while solving any unique challenges of your business. Providing both usability and style to your desired end-users.

web-search iconBranding and awareness

Nowadays, clients are looking for and are expecting a strong digital presence online. Custom web apps provide the opportunity to build and promote your brand exactly the way you want, making them a powerful weapon in your overall digital strategy. 

page layout iconReduce Customer Pain Points

Your application’s end-users should be able to intuitively navigate through your app, easily find what they want, and trust that all features work reliably. Whether we're creating an application for internal use or an application for your clients' use, user experience (UX) is a top priority. Our highly consultative process ensures that the design, program used for development, and functionality all support the highest level of user experience.

webpage with lockSecurity 

Because your application is custom, there are not well known weak points for hackers to attack as with regularly used software. Meaning, significantly more time and effort would have to be used to break-in. Making your application less likely to be targeted.  


Technologies and Frameworks

By using the Model View Controller (MVC) framework for developing our web applications, Unleashed Technologies creates apps that are organized around an overarching goal, yet flexible enough to handle changing specifications.

Some advantages of creating custom web apps with the MVC framework include: 

  • Easier to handoff from one developer to another, making collaboration simpler
  • Quickly moved from planning to production because of the strong structure for development
  • More cost and time effective to update
  • Ideal for developing large size web application
  • Offers the ability to create multiple views

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