When moving your servers to the cloud or just switching cloud providers, Unleashed Technologies’ cloud server migration services will keep your business applications and websites safe throughout the transition. We ensure your data is backed up, our migration plan is fully tested and approved, and that all issues are resolved before your new cloud server hosting environment is taken live.

Steps of Migration

  1. Discovery – During this phase of the migration process, we gain access to our current hosting solution and identify current system resources in order to right-size your cloud solution.
  2. Review – After discovery is complete, we will perform a full review of all services installed and configurations to ensure accuracy and completeness. 
  3. Backup – A full backup of your application or website files is created.
  4. Transfer – After your application or site has been successfully backed up, we transfer everything to a test environment that simulates your new hosting environment.
  5. Restore and Test – All backups are restored and tested. Anything that needs to be adjusted or reconfigured is addressed. A full QA process is performed on the migration to ensure no issues are left unresolved.
  6. Go Live – If no issues remain in the test environment, the new hosting environment is made live. 

Cloud Server Migration Expertise 

We’re here to help you ease the transition to a new cloud environment. Our cloud migration services are performed by hosting experts who will work closely with you to ensure your move is smooth and painless. Contact a hosting expert today to get your migration underway.