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Your online store is more than just a website, it's the way you bring your products to market. When building your store, you have to ensure that product information is delivered quickly and accurately to your warehouse, inventory is managed, and payments are accurately processed in order to be successful. Unleashed Technologies can enable you to connect your warehouse and ERP systems with your online store by leveraging the SalesWarp platform to automate these critical processes and removing any chance for data errors.

Once your system is integrated, SalesWarp imports all of your product and category information, manages all images, sets pricing and category rules, pulls in SEO and other critical data needed to build your successful eCommerce business easily and more efficiently. The following integrations ensure your business runs smoothly:

Warehouse/ERP Connector

  • Connect to and leverage your existing ERP system
  • SalesWarp will manage ALL future ERP system upgrades allowing you to reallocate resources to more strategic tasks
  • The Warehouse/ERP Connector supports flat files, web services and manual formats such as an Excel file
  • Customize each connection based upon file format, content or other data

Webstore/POS Connector

  • Connects to Magento and most leading shopping carts, including Zen Cart, and Oscommerce, as well as most leading online marketplaces, such as Amazon Webstore, Amazon Seller Central and eBay
  • If you have physcial stores, SalesWarp lets you connect to your POS system just as easily, giving you the ability to synchronize your POS with your online data

Webstore/POS Builder

Once your warehouse and webstore are connected, SalesWarp gives you the ability to publish all of your product data automatically to your Webstore, POS system and leading online marketplaces.

The Webstore/POS Builder provides retailers with the following tools:

  • Product Manager
  • Category Manager
  • Price Manager
  • Image Manager
  • SEO Manager


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