Quality Assurance Throughout DiscoveryQuality Assurance (QA) is more than a project phase. Elements of Quality Assurance and Quality Control (QC) are peppered throughout the lifecycle of any project or initiative including Sales and Discovery. QA during discovery is the foundation of ensuring that quality will be systematically built into the product.

Growth Model by Unleashed Technologies Technology is ever-evolving and in order to preserve or increase market share, a competitive edge must be maintained. How can a business maintain a competitive edge when technology, business strategy, and competitive landscape are continually changing?

Community Brands - The Merging of AMS CompaniesThe Association market was shaken up in April 2017 when a major merger was announced combining three of the largest players; YourMembership, Aptify, and Abila into a single container company called Community Brands. The combination of these brands represents just over 13,000 of the nation’s non-profits/associations heartbeat software known as the Association Management System (AMS).

Drupal 8 Twig TemplatesDrupal has revamped its template engine for Drupal 8 with Twig replacing PHPTemplate. PHPTemplate had been Drupal’s template engine for over a decade and this switch represents Drupal’s biggest change to their frontend architecture since 2005.

The Value of Speaking At Local MeetupsWe’ve all heard about local meetups. We’ve read about the benefits and gotten pep talks about why we need to go. In the tech industry we are always pushing ourselves to become better, faster, smarter and more agile. The best way to accomplish that is, in fact, attending meetups. Or so I thought.

Ditch the Display Suite ModuleDisplay Suite is a great module and we love using it with Drupal 7. However, when Drupal 8 added Layouts to core and title is now a block, we had to ask ourselves, why do we use Display Suite?

Marketing Automation: HubSpot vs. MauticThe importance of marketing automation software lies within its capabilities. Marketing efficiency is critical and marketers can’t afford to spend time on redundant tasks that can be easily replaced by software. Hence, the need for reliable, cost effective solutions to help automate monotonous tasks throughout multiple marketing channels (i.e. email, websites, social media). 

Flexibility vs. Ease of Use: Where Does One Draw the Line?Do we trade flexibility for ease of use? Is that what best serves the organization? Answering a complex question that can go either way is best solved by data to the highest extent possible. During this process, I charted the most important elements that can help gauge flexibility vs. ease of use.

Benefits of Hosting Your Website on Solid State StorageWhether your website is being hosted on your own bare-metal server or in the cloud, the type of storage that is being used can greatly impact the performance and stability of your site as well as what your visitors experience when navigating through it.

Integrating with DrupalThere are a lot of things to think about and consider when integrating with Drupal. Read more to learn how Data Structures, Communication, Permissions, and Caching can effect how you integrate with Drupal.