Too often when people think of developing their websites for mobile, they limit that thinking to smartphones. In fact, tablet use is not only on the rise, but for eCommerce site owners out there, online shopping via these devices has risen significantly in the past year while desktop use has dropped. In March 2012 alone more than 40 million Americans visited Amazon via tablet or smartphone. A recent Adobe study showed that one tablet generates as many website visits as four smartphones.

What's even more interesting for e-retailers is that tablet shoppers on eCommerce sites spend about 20% more than desktop shoppers and almost twice as much as those on smartphones according to a Digital Marketing Insights report. While tablet users only make up 4% of online shoppers currently, these numbers shouldn't be ignored. With an average order value higher than a PC and conversion rates almost matching desktops, it's clear that consumers are more comfortable buying from their tablets than their smartphones. Checkout the infographic below to see more about how mobile commerce, or m-Commerce, is trending in the US over the past two years:

Mobile Commerce in the United States

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Is your website optimized for tablets AND smartphones? If you own a tablet, do you find that you're using it to browse and shop more than your PC or smartphone?