What to Consider Before Developing a Website

The steady increase in traffic on the web has led to more companies to invest time and money into their online presence. Whether the goal is to build the site from scratch or make an upgrade, there is a lot of planning that goes into the initiative. Before anything is built or coded, several questions need to be answered that determine the actual scope of the project.

A new website can be a large undertaking and there are a variety of directions to go regarding content, aesthetics and functionality. Here are just a few factors to consider before moving forward:

  • Hosting & Technology – The platform being used for the site is very important to consider and will impact the hosting provider and server environment that you choose. A content management or ecommerce platform, like Drupal and Magento, is PHP-based and database driven.  A store containing thousands of products and account holders or a site constantly being updated with fresh content will require a more robust hosting environment. Discussions on the use of HTML5 or JavaScript tools will also increase the need for a dependable host.
  • Design & Layout – How will the new website carry the established brand? Will the theme reflect a more corporate or playful message? How will users navigate the site? There are several design decisions that need to be made before any coding can begin. These decisions will impact the elements that will appear on each page and where they will appear. Planning for the design and layout of a site typically starts with sketches and wireframes and leads to design compositions.
  • Screen Resolution & Cross-Browser Compatibility – With the emergence of smart phones and tablets, the screen resolution of a site visitor is becoming more and more inconsistent. Websites now must allow users to navigate easily from both their desktop computer and phones. Companies need to decide whether to utilize a responsive design or create a separate theme for smaller screens. It is also important for a site to function properly in all browsers. Before beginning a new web project, the team must evaluate their target audience and the browsers these visitors use. Quality assurance testing will ensure that the new site works across all platforms and needs to be factored into the project hours.
  • Site Security – Before launching a new website, security and the protection of user information is important to consider. Depending on the functionality of the site, security could be a low or high priority. For ecommerce site that allow users to create accounts and make purchases, security needs to be a priority. A SSL certificate and creditable payment processor provide customer assurance that all site data and transactions are safe and secure. For particular web projects, site security needs to be included in the planning and budget.


The infographic below, created by Pixaal, details 26 key factors to account for while planning and developing a new website. While many of these topics are very basic, accounting for all of these will lead to a successful site deployment. At Unleashed, we understand that each project comes with different priorities and challenges.  Contact us today to discuss your plans for a new website. Whether it is an upgrade or a new initiative, we would be happy to help.

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