Tim Walter


Unleashed is an award-winning design and development firm because of its ability to attract a team of digital experts. However, Unleashed does not only search for tenured developers and experienced experts, but the organization also takes immense pride in hiring driven and talented college students to join its team as interns and provide them with the opportunity to learn and grow. Meet Tim Walter, one of Unleashed’s most extraordinary interns. He has a passion for technology, a drive to learn, and an ambition to build digital solutions to complex problems.

1. How did you find Unleashed? 

I found Unleashed at the University of Maryland Career fair.  I was near the table when I stopped to tie my shoe, and when I stood up, former front-end designer Jenna Shenk was standing there, and we made eye contact, so I said hi.  We had a wholesome conversation about websites and Docker, but my key takeaway was that she was cool.  Her humor and personality reflected positively on company culture.   


2. What does your typical day look like as a web development intern? 

There isn’t a strong enough pattern for any day to be classified as typical since my responsibilities have been evolving and so are the tasks I am assigned.  After mornings in class, my time is spent on some combination of project assignments, training-related activities, and most recently monitoring tickets. 


3. What is the most exciting part of working Unleashed? 

One big highlight was participating in the consultation of a client looking to rearchitect a data science application with the objective of making it scalable and customizable.  It was the primmest candidate I’ve seen for implementing portable parallel processing pipelines, like Apache Beam.   


4. How do you balance working at Unleashed and school? 

Allocating time to disconnect is key to balance.  It makes my working time significantly more productive.  I split my time unevenly between hanging out with my friends or brother, working, and going to school. Regardless of the activity, I make sure to stay focused on the thing I am doing.  


5. What is your favorite project you have worked on so far? 

My role in the Hubot Teamwork Integration was my favorite project thus far.  I embrace the growth that comes along with wrangling a new language, a new framework, and a bad API.  It posed some challenges which led me to discover a few useful tools and deliver an internal tool that tracks and warns of contractual events in advance, effectively reducing the risk of revenue loss.   


6. Is there anything that surprised you when starting your internship? 

Drupal’s architecture surprised me. I began with minimal knowledge of the CMS (content management system), so there were many surprises and still are, as I get to know the system. I have learned to appreciate that its flexibility comes with complexity.


7. What is your favorite game? Why? 

Chess is my favorite game because I am a nerd.  Just kidding. It is my favorite game because, if you’re truly invested in a match, the level of stimulation is unmatched. It is also a strategy game, which naturally makes it more fun. 


8. What are your goals once you graduate? 

While not “SMART” goals, two notable ones are to be a lifelong learner and continue scuba diving/travel. 

Learning is enjoyable and has so much utility—especially in personal and professional development.  

Diving is a great excuse to travel, and it has never failed to deliver memorable experiences and new perspectives. My favorite place I have traveled is Oman.  The country has incredible geography and wildlife. The people are nice. I highly recommend 10 out of 10. It was, so good I went twice.  You can wake up to watch the sunrise on the Indian ocean, then hike a wadi, go off-roading to find Majlis al-Jinn, then camp in the desert and see the milky way all in one day.   

Scuba Tim