Tim Prestianni

Through this unprecedented time of technological shifts brought on by COVID-19, Unleashed continues to strive to be the best, without exception or excuse. This commitment is built on the individual efforts of our exceptional team members. 

Timothy Prestianni, Digital Marketing Manager, search engine optimization (SEO) guru, Google Analytics expert, and skilled strategist, embodies the company’s mission as he sets out to help our clients drive toward their business goals through their digital channels. Tim’s passion and expertise were recently captured in our recent webinar, The New SEO Mindset. Be sure to take a look and listen to hear just some of the latest trends in digital strategies and search optimization.

SEO Mindset Webinar Screenshot

After the webinar, we caught up with Tim to ask a few questions about his work, our clients, and the industry trends. Read more about Tim in our interview below.

1. What is your favorite part of your position? Building digital strategy, analytics tracking, SEO? Why?

Building a fully integrated digital marketing strategy is probably my favorite part. I think it is because the strategy is different every time, it is a new challenge on how you incorporate assets to provide the client results. Second, it is a new learning experience, especially, when you are working inside of a new industry or niche and have to dive into understanding the goals and the audiences.

2. What are some of the most common problems you run into and how do you overcome them?

In general, I think the most common problems I see are misconceptions about SEO.  A lot of people have little to no understanding about what SEO is today and how it works. SEO and digital marketing have evolved and changed so much in just the past few years. Concepts and tactics that worked in the past will produce little to no results in today's environment.  

I make it a point to work with clients to educate them about what I am doing and why as we go through the process of upgrading the SEO structure of their website so that these misunderstandings do not impede their success.

3. How did you get into SEO and digital Marketing?

Many years ago, a friend and I started a small business. We knew that we needed to be found online to grow the business and establish the brand. We went to multiple marketing agencies looking for a good fit. What we found was a series of “no, we can't help you”. Being a new, small company, we did not have the marketing budget needed to work with reputable agencies. The final straw came during a networking event. I was introduced to a representative of a marketing company, once he knew our budget he laughed in my face. At that moment I decided I was going to learn how to do it myself. That night, I went home and started searching for answers.  

A journey that started from anger and insult turned into a great blessing. I completely fell in love with SEO, and digital marketing. I stayed up late many nights searching, reading, learning everything I could and practicing my craft. Which is something I still do to this day.  

Of course, SEO has evolved rapidly since that time, becoming more convoluted and in a constant state of change. It requires a real passion and commitment to the science of SEO and understanding how it can support a client. That passion is driving me to always learn something new, practice current processes, experiment with new technics, or re-invent old ones and modernize them for today's digital landscape. Whatever it takes to meet to the client goals.  

4. What qualities make up the perfect client?

I know this is going to sound super cliché, but all clients have their own unique set of goals and challenges. Having the ability to work with, build strategies, and communicate with clients from many different industries and backgrounds allows the team and myself to continue to sharpen our skills and grow our SEO and digital marketing abilities.

5. Who are some professionals in your industry that inspire your work? What sets them apart?

I follow many people in the SEO/digital marketing filed, always looking for new little gems of information to place in my tool belt. The two that have been the most influential on how I look at SEO and build digital strategies have been Brian Dean and Robbie Richards.

6. What are your favorite quarantine hobbies?

Spending more time with children and family. Not saying we did not spend time together before the shutdown, but working from home with everything shutdown allowed us to be together more. We have spent a lot of time at the park, playing catch, going on hikes, and camping.

7. What is at the top of your bucket list?

Travel is always at the top of the list. Going to Norway to see the Northern Lights, would be at the top of my bucket list.