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Unleashed is well known for its accomplished development and design team, but most of our clients and partners first contact with Unleashed is through the efforts of our magnificent marketing team. Our marketers produce content and share information to help our clients, partners, and the open-source community build better digital resources. Meet Alexa, and learn about her mission to effectively and creatively share our resources so that everyone can get to know Unleashed and learn more about building and maintaining a dynamic web presence.

1. What does a marketing specialist do?

My marketing specialist duties revolve around sharing our companies' value with everyone who cares about or is interested in web technologies. I write blogs, email campaigns, web pages, social media, and various other items to help share our knowledge and expertise. I also help with events and meeting with new clients. It’s a lot, but that’s what I love about it.

2. What's your favorite part of working on the marketing team at Unleashed?

My favorite part about Unleashed marketing is that we want to share what we are good at with everyone, not just prospects and soon-to-be clients. We make content such as finding a managed hosting provider or how to post videos on your YouTube channel. It allows us to have a more authentic connection with our audience than the simple vendor-buyer relationship.

3. What are some of your qualities that help you in your position?

Organization, creativity, flexibility are the most important qualities of my role.

4. What program(s) helps you the most in your day-to-day task?

HubSpot and Grammarly are essential programs for me. HubSpot helps with email campaigns and social posts, as well as offering a robust CRM to keep track of one-on-one communications. Grammarly is less for marketing and more helpful to me personally as my brain runs faster than my keyboard.

5. What was the biggest obstacle for the marketing team last year?

Our biggest obstacle this past year was the lack of events. Overnight, an incredible resource for networking, idea sharing, and general communication was changed. We did take part in a hand full of virtual events, and while I loved them too, I would not say they are a suitable replacement.

6. What is something you have learned from working at Unleashed?

I have learned, embraced, and ingrained the principles of inbound marketing while working at Unleashed.

7. What is the culture like on the marketing team?

We have a lot of fun. Our team often works together, and we must be creative often, which means throwing out sometimes weird or bad ideas and shooting each other down constructively, which is always a fun time.

8. What was the first thing you wanted to be when you grew up?

 I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. Now, I am not sure we should keep dolphins in captivity. It is a good thing I found marketing.

9. If you came back in your next life as an animal, what animal would you be?

A Goldendoodle, they are the most personable and cute dogs. It is impossible not to spoil them. I know because I have one.

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