Ideas to Make Your 'About Us' Page Awesome

Here at Unleashed, one of the first things new partners, clients, and employees comment on is our Meet the Team page - our version of an About Us. Most people I meet who have been to that page, recognize me and will comment on my fun, roll over image. It helps to spark conversation, whether they like the Orioles or not, and makes me more than my bio. Here are a few ideas you can use to get people engaged with you as a company before they even receive an email or attend a meeting:


  • Show your personality and tell your story - What makes your company, your executives, your team different from the rest? Don't be afraid to bring in references to hobbies and other outside interests so that the person behind the suit shines through. If your About Us page is strictly about the company, be sure to avoid industry jargon and work to describe what makes your business - and the way you do business - unique. Tell your story, don't just try to sell on this page. 
  • Skip the boring bios - People want to connect with you personally when doing business, sales people know this, but your COO might be hesitant. Reflect the company culture in your About Us page and be sure to get the whole team onboard so that it's not just the sales and marketing people that have personalities. Your clients, business partners and future employees will be working with a broad range of individuals, giving a more holistic view of your organization will make those unfamiliar with your company more comfortable engaging with you for the first time. 
  • Get creative with design - Unexpected design elements on your About Us page - that serve to support the story of your company, of course - will help to keep your site visitors engaged. Whether it's an unexpected twist in a professional portrait, a unique design element or video testimonials from prospects or employees, this is your chance to make an impression and reinforce how someone will remember your brand. 


Here is a recent post from HubSpot that shows some examples of exceptional About Us pages to give you some inspiration. Even if you work for a very conservative company, showing a human face and providing an element of surprise will help to make your About Us page - and your company - more memorable. How is your company making its About Us page memorable?