Many times when I deal with clients it's often because I've been called in for an emergency. I'm contacted through our referal network on good recommendation that Unleashed Technologies can help save a project that's in dire straights. This often comes from strategic partners where we work as sub-contractors and also directly with the client.

Unleashed Technologies wants to take a moment to wish everyone a happy new year. 2009 brings us another year closer to the end of a decade and new beginnings for start-ups, non-profits, and companies. While people faced the most serious business challenges they've ever had over the course of 2009, 2010 offers the opportunity for companies to reinvent themselves and start-ups to seize the moment.

Colin and Ben Setting Up At The Wine TastingThis past Thursday hosted the end of year GBTC Wine Tasting event. As far as council/community events go this is one of my favorites right up there with TechNite and ACG's Deal of the Year. Unleashed Technologies decided to be one of the pourers for the event. We did this for two reasons. First, to thank the local technology community that's been so good to us over the entire year of 2009.

Over the course of the past year Unleashed Technologies, LLC has been very fortunate to grow during these tough economic times. As the chief executive officer of our company I can tell you with much certainty that if it weren't for some of the terrific peer groups I partake in, the story could have been much different.

As the business owner of a up and coming web firm I'm priviledged to meet alot of interesting people. Our business spans the full spectrum of enteprise clients and also small businesses representing dozens of industries. Industries represented are all over the board from insurance companies, to non-profits, to the car industry, and religous organizations as well. One thing that's truly consistent with all of these industries and truth be told many others is that the vital role of the web is still considered an after thought.