What is a unified marketing platform?

A unified marketing platform basically refers to an instance where all current marketing materials share the same face in branding, style, and/or message.  A good example would be a re-branding followed by an ad campaign covering all aspects of media with the same theme or tag-line individually formatted per resource. You see many prime examples of this through large businesses and their worldwide ad campaigns.

On Wednesday, June 9th, 2010, it was publicly announced that Unleashed Technologies, LLC would be the strategic partner for Automated Graphics Systems (AGS) located out of White Plains, MD for co-location, web hosting, and web management. The strategic partnership came about after a synergistic relationship was found between the two organizations.

 So I'm burning the midnight oil looking over things and arranging my day tomorrow so I can be affective after a long day of meetings when I bump into during a very interesting website; Recorded Future. Evidently based on outside sources this company has been bought by Google for an undisclosed amount of money. I was able to sign up for a free version that's extremely limited and basically offers non-configurable reports based on the industry or information you'd like to track.

The most often heard question when talking to potential clients about new website development is; Is it something we can manage ourselves? My immediate answer to this question is yes but the reality is without a dedicated resource or someone tasked with the direct success of the online web presence it's going to be difficult to generate the results that a company would want.

While there are always exceptions to the rule most companies look to reach any of these three primary objectives:

The arrival of "Web 2.0" has forever changed the way we use the internet.  We have transitioned from the web being pages of static content to something far more useful and dynamic.  In addition to the social aspect of the web, this paradigm shift has enabled the development of some truly amazing (and entertaining) web apps.  Here are seven such tools/sites I use often:

The Marketing Command Center (MarCC)  is a product developed by Unleashed Technologies that functions as a single source platform for Analytics, E-Mail Marketing, Website Management (CMS), and has received a serious overhaul for the first quarter of 2010. The product offering has been completely rearchitected and leverages the Drupal platform to give clients a familiar and easy to use interface. The upgrade has resulted in:

 Hello everyone! After a warm welcome and a great first week I am very excited to join this incredible team of programmers and designers!  I come from a background of creative web and print design. I have worked with many businesses, artists, and musicians over the past 10 years helping them to gain professional online and in print presence.  I cannot wait to share my creative concepts and unleash my potential!  My sincere thanks to everyone here at Unleashed Technologies for this opportunity!

In case you haven't heard, Google (and at least 30 other companies) were attacked by hackers in late December (codenamed Operation Aurora).  Although it cannot be publicly verified as 100% accurate, Google announced in a blog post that the "highly sophisticated and targeted attack on [their] corporate infrastructure [had orginiated] from China".  Their primary goal was "accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activi

The Greater Baltimore Technology Council put on another great event today focused around building, managing, and measuring results for digital media strategies. I attended the conference today as my interest was peak. Typically speaking our firm is engaged to handle all aspects of the web when it comes to websites, blogs, micro-sites, etc.

It's no suprise to anyone that 2009 was a tough year for companies of any size. Whether a start-up, small business, or mid to large sized company many felt the burn of decreased spending by clients, outsourced processes being pulled internally, and of course the dreaded "budget cut". The good news is looking back on 2009 there is an attitude of agressiveness and optimism moving into 2010.