Blog Header ImageIt just keeps getting tougher for non-profits as the expectations for resource availability becomes higher and higher.

Greater Baltimore Technology Wine Tasting Event Image It's that time of year again where everyone gathers together to have an end of year gathering.

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Perhaps one of the largest challenges facing businesses, non-profits, and associations today is understanding when it's time to not only reconsider the construction of a website but the continuing effort and it's benefits associated with it. This is a complicated topic so I'll be splitting it into two posts as to not create something that requires an interim break or bookmarking.

Everyday the Internet is evolving. With millions of new platforms and websites is hard for web designers to stay current with today's trends. One of the industries newest frontiers is UX Design. So to help you keep up I present to you the masses my Top 5 UX Blog Feeds I hope they help!

The way we use the internet has drastically changed in the last several years, moving from something that we only did on our computers to the use of mobile devices. Mobile devices capable of web browsing are almost ubiquitous now, with capable Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Blackberry devices seemingly everywhere. But as websites have become more graphically stunning and complex over the years they can become less readable on mobile devices.

I think it's only appropriate that I start this blog post with thanking everyone for a terrific event at Ram's Head Live at the Power Plant in Baltimore, MD. As expected it was an event to remember still leaving the Greater Baltimore Technology Council's Technite as the premier event for the area with regards to technology based firms. If you were at the event you'll remember we we're giving away some technology prizes that represented the best in both personal and professional aspects of life. So the following winners are being announced.

Unleashed Technologies has signed on as a sponsor for the 2010 TechNite event, which is being hosted this year at Rams Head Live. In previous years, the event was held at the Baltimore Convention Center, but a venue change was made based on the feedback of all the attendees over the past three years. The event focuses on the tremendous success that Baltimore has had in the technology corridor over the past year.

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In our line of work, we see a ton of terrific ideas and usually hear very standardized messaging around them. It usually follows a consistent tune of "We're looking to get a working prototype as proof of concept" or "We don't have much budget so we're getting quotes to get investors interested.".

Unleashed Technologies is excited to announce the opening of our blog to industry experts that compliment our key services. As all of you know we stay very focused on bringing value driven content to our visitors so that decision makers can plan a concise strategy for getting the highest return on investment from their web presence(s).