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Let's not kid ourselves when we say that the conversion of visitors to clients (on the web) for service firms greatly differs from that of a product or retail company. The very nature of service work is a direct connection of intellectual capability coupled with a personal acceptance that is hard to create on the web. The question then becomes how do we create that one to one relationship on the web. Let's look at some of the challenges first.

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Unleashed Technologies, LLC is excited to announce its recent move to our brand new facility in Columbia, MD. The move represents a large expansion from roughly 1,400 sq. ft. to 4,500 sq. ft. Our new office is located at 10005 Old Columbia Road, Suite L-261, Columbia, MD 21046. We made our move to accomodate the growth that we've had over the past 12 months to continue expanding our team of unrivaled experts in the fields of web and hosting.

Are Tablets Ready

Ever since the Motorola Xoom and subsequently Galaxy Tab 10.1 have come out (sorry, not an Apple fan. Gasp!) I have been pondering two questions. One, can I find a good deal on Ebay? Two, and more importantly, can I replace my notebook and use the tablet as my every day computing resource?

Ensure a Quality Web Product

It's an exciting time to revisit the web for many commercial and non-profit organizations all over the country. With the advent of new and exciting technologies plus the mass adoption of mobile web it's apparent to most people that it's time to circle back and reinvent themselves on the web.


Why Blog?

That is a very good question. Way back when, I used to think that bloggers were more full-of-themselves than having worthwhile content to deliver. Well – that impression was quickly eradicated when I saw what a conversation builder a single blog post could create and I realized how valuable an asset a blog is to a company’s core business.

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With today’s blog counts, there are several million active blogs offering a great variety of topics and content. The best aspect of a blog is that anyone can easily promote their organization, hobbies or passion on any topic.

Google has announced publicly that they've made major revisions to their search engine in order to create more relevant search results to the public. This isn't a shock to anyone as it's been a long time coming if you were involved with the online industry. This has been reported since the latter part of the prior week but what people should be interested in is how this will affect their relationships with their online marketing firms.

I find it odd that in this day in age the public facing web presence of any organization whether it be non-profit or commercial is still perceived as a one time investment. Like all companies in the small to mid-sized business range the reality of budget is something everyone must work within.

There’s a phrase that many people have used that I can relate to: “Social media is like recess”; the big group is made up of lots of small groups, every group’s got a leader, and your actions have consequences.

The Revolution of Social Media

Banner ImageDrupal 7 is here and it's never been more exciting to be one of the front runners in open source content management.