Is your organization contemplating leveraging an open source enterprise content management system to increase in-house web management capabilities?

Learn how to improve site performance and load times with these 4 quick optimization tips.

All over the world people are looking to understand more about the latest major shift in the online landscape, which is being loosely named as Web Experience Management (WEM). You’ll find many competing buzzwords for the space that this term inhabits, including digital customer experience, digital experience management and web engagement management.

Sure, you've never had your site hacked and your customers' information is safe and sound, but online shoppers - particularly those who aren't familiar with your site yet - don't know that. Keep reading for some quick tips to build online shopping trust and why it matters.

Discover effective tips for non-profit military website design and development that help to boost engagement with your target audience.

One of the largest challenges of military non-profits is trying to address the diverse audience of individuals that make up its members. Perhaps the first and most important step in communicating effectively with your audience is to understand the challenges that most military nonprofits face..

Here at Unleashed Technologies, one of the first things new partners, clients, and employees comment on is our Meet the Team page - our version of an About Us. Most people I meet who have been to that page, recognize me and will comment on my fun, roll over image. It helps to spark conversation, whether they like the Orioles or not, and makes me more than my bio.

ECmag.com recently launched a newly designed website on the Drupal platform. One month after that launch, they saw that the results of that effort in a significant rise in traffic - a 20% gain for what was already the industry's most highly trafficked site. How did they do it? 

The Nonprofit Marketing Guide recently released the results of its survey of Nonprofit communicators and while the results aren't necessarily shocking, it does serve to validate that what we've seen among our clients:

  • The website is the number one communication channel for most nonprofits
  • Nonprofits are continually asked to do more with less
  • Donor acquisition and community engagement are top priorities for nonprofits

It's no secret that video is popular. A record 456.6M videos were watched in 2012 by more than 182M users. YouTube videos from Gangnam Style to political spoofs have reached national attention and chances are you watched at least a couple of videos online this year. Marketers are turning to videos now to engage online shoppers and prospects - and it's working.  SundaySky created the infographic below in their 2012 State of Online Video Report, which illustrates not only the rate of video consumption and the results that have been measured, but also some insight into where video is going in 2013. Namely, video is getting personal.  eRetailers are already seeing an increase in engagement and sales when online shoppers view relevant, short videos and the trend toward more personalized, educational content will only continue to increase.