Web Design Trends image.As the infinite web continues to evolve, various new trends in web design keep surfacing and redefining the way that websites are designed and viewed by online visitors. With today's culture revolving so much around the use of mobile devices, along with the high demand for finding information quickly and the new capabilities of HTML5 and CSS3, the online landscape has certainly changed in the past several years.

Mobile application and responsive web design.If your organization has a responsive website you may not be thinking about investing in a mobile application that is available through the App Store, Google Play, or Windows Store. However, writing a mobile application off as redundant because your organization already has a responsive website is both incorrect and heedless.

Scalable vector graphics image.One of the prominent trends in web design right now is the use of the SVG format for displaying imagery.  Read on to get a brief overview of what this format is, how it can be used, and what some of its benefits and setbacks are.

Membership website conversions image.Conversions are an integral benchmark to define and monitor because they are the reason your website exists. Conversions and conversion rates mean different things to different Administrators but they can be broadly defined as website visitors taking a specific action that is desired.

Issues to plan for with a responsive design.Responsive web design (RWD) has been in vogue for a few years and almost every web design project we work on now includes the expectation of being optimized for all devices. However, with hundreds of devices and thousands of screen sizes to optimize our designs for, there are numerous RWD issues that designers and frontend developers now need to account for.

Nonprofit website screens.Does your nonprofit organization’s (NPO) website inspire confidence in your organization and does it support your mission? It needs to. Many NPOs struggle with drawing visitors to their site and capitalizing (monetarily or otherwise) on that traffic. If your organization’s website has fallen behind expectations then a review of the site may be necessary.

When considering web design, just about everyone has an opinion of what is "good" design and what isn't. It can be difficult to know what advice to take and what is best to be ignored - or at least taken with a grain of salt. What follows are three common pieces of website design advice that are outdated or just terrible. 

Many nonprofit organizations' websites struggle to keep up with their online conversion goals at various times throughout a calendar year. They may only receive substantial amounts of traffic at a specific time of year or they may only convert regularly after a large PR campaign.

Parallax Websites ImageIt wasn’t very long ago when all the online hype was parallax web design. With their visually staggering animations pulling site viewers into an interactive experience, these websites have proven to be an effective method of online storytelling.