In this age of video search engines, social platforms, and streaming media players video has become the medium of choice. Consumers with exceedingly short attention spans are clammoring to access the overwhelming amount of video content that is produced on the web every day.

Chris Ewing is a Senior Web and Media Account Executive with Unleashed Technologies and has been with us since September 2014. Chris is a video post-production expert and has earned Business Degrees from Towson University. He recently sat down with us to discuss topics ranging from eBusiness to Web Design.

Check out the video below to get tips from our web development and design experts, Ben Thomas and Matt Curtin, on how you can make some simple changes today to improve your nonprofit's website. These tips are designed to be easy and fast to implement and will also improve your ability to engage with your audience online and off.

As 2012 ends and 2013 begins, you've no doubt already made some plans for your business for the year ahead. It's important that you not neglect your website in your business plans. To help you with that, I've compiled a list of three resolutions that you should consider for your site in 2013.

It's no secret that video is popular. A record 456.6M videos were watched in 2012 by more than 182M users. YouTube videos from Gangnam Style to political spoofs have reached national attention and chances are you watched at least a couple of videos online this year. Marketers are turning to videos now to engage online shoppers and prospects - and it's working.  SundaySky created the infographic below in their 2012 State of Online Video Report, which illustrates not only the rate of video consumption and the results that have been measured, but also some insight into where video is going in 2013. Namely, video is getting personal.  eRetailers are already seeing an increase in engagement and sales when online shoppers view relevant, short videos and the trend toward more personalized, educational content will only continue to increase. 

This is the first installment in a continuing video blog series, or vlog if you prefer, called Unleashing the Interwebs. In this episode, Unleashed Technologies’ CEO, Michael Spinosa, gives an introduction to the series and speaks about recent work Unleashed Technologies has completed for Fortnightly.com.  This new website helps the Fortnightly staff to easily manage a wealth of online content and provides an intuitive experience for visitors. Each week, we'll be exploring the world of web design and development, so be sure to stay tuned for the next installment of Unleashing the Interwebs.