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Google Tag ManagerScenario: you are the “website person” at your organization, and someone from marketing sends you an email with a few lines of code. They ask you to add it to your website so they can start tracking conversions. You write back, “Where? Why? What is this?” The response, “It’s a conversion pixel from Facebook. Just add it please.”

Drupal DFP ModuleThe Drupal DFP package is a useful module that empowers Drupal site builders to easily integrate their DoubleClick for Publishers account and their active advertisements onto a Drupal website.

As a designer and theme expert for almost the past decade, I have seen many iterations of how our industry goes about creating a theme. The one constant for designers and theme developers is the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

By using drupal blocks you can easily add content to sections of your site from the administration pages. However, these basic blocks can only show static content.

This drupal blocks tutorial will walk through the basics of creating a custom module and creating a block in code that displays dynamic content. This tutorial is great for beginners, as we will walk through the basics of Drupal module development.

Here at Unleashed Technologies, we are proud to announce that three of our clients have sites nominated in the Blue Drop Awards. Those sites are: Eyemaginations.com, Forging.org, and Shunra.com. Have you voted for your favorite sites yet? If not, here are three easy steps to  vote in the Blue Drop Awards:

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The “Social Media” module for the Drupal 7 platform is a great tool for website admins to take full advantage of social network integration. It helps connect your website with social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, digg, Linked In, and Google+, just to name a few. Lending you total control over commanding your centralized hub of profile information as well as powerful options for utilizing widgets and plug-ins such as follow, like, and share buttons, it is easy to see why it has its advantages. Follow me on a quick walk-through to get started using this powerful tool today!

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When connecting to a system via SSH there are normally two ways to do so. First and most common is to use an username and password to login. The second method is via SSH Keys.

Trying to find a way to add a little Halloween flair to your website? Trying to make your social media more prominent on your website? Below are instructions for getting your own twitter bat to fly around your web page. We are going to be using the popular triple flap script for adding a twitter bird that flies around your screen, and customizing the sprite for some Halloween fun.

When it comes to building a website, there is one file that dictates just about every aspect of the site’s design and layout – the Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). Personally, I have learned the hard way that it is very important to create this document the right way to make future edits and adjustments quick and easy. Constantly changing browsers require edits to be made to the CSS file(s) by the designer.

Many popular frameworks, CMS's and ecommerce platforms come preloaded with a JavaScript library like jQuery or Prototype. Most of the time, these systems heavily depend on those libraries for functionality on both the frontend and the backend; removing it or changing the variables it uses could severly break the site.