Some really great Drupal and Magento development posts out this week as well as good CSS tool and methodology recommendations. Get your code on and have a great weekend!


Next USB plug will finally be reversible

Checkout some new releases, a great video on UI that asks you to imagine the user is drunk, and some other gems. Happy Friday!



How usability testing drastically improved my client’s app

Some interesting tidbits this week about Google+ and their real-time SEO, CSS measurements, and more. Have a great weekend everyone!




What is the new SEO?

Google drops support for IE 9

This week’s round-up features two important links (in white) that I strongly recommend all designers and developers check out.  Enjoy!


MariaDB gets $20 million in funding

Check out the new releases this week and some important security news for Chrome and PHP users, plus much more. 


How a flawed deployment process led Knight to lose $172,222 a second for 45 minutes

Sure, you've never had your site hacked and your customers' information is safe and sound, but online shoppers - particularly those who aren't familiar with your site yet - don't know that. Keep reading for some quick tips to build online shopping trust and why it matters.

Check out the latest on Drupal 8, some interesting news out of web hosting, and scalable, modular architecture for CSS. It was a good week for web development and design news! 


Drupal 8 in pictures

This week, there are some new developments in the social and eCommerce world that I thought would interest you as well as some new developments in "mobile awesomeness" with a responsive jQuery plugin. 


Facebook no longer lets users hide from search

Check out this week's links I found from around the web. Who prefers to use Chrome? How Google is a self-taught designer and where the heck did those blue screens of death go?


Google launches Web Designer (announcement)

Some very interesting information has surfaced since the last roundup. Check out the links in white for those that I felt were most important pieces of content for this week.