When it comes to redesigning your website in this day and age, you simply must take the mobile user experience into account if you want your web presence to be successful. People no longer rely on using a desktop computer to browse the web. Now they can just whip out their smartphone and visit a site at a moment's notice.

One of the biggest question clients ask is how to improve their site’s visibility on search engines. The concern is even greater with online storeowners. Products from their store appearing high in the search results lead to an increase in visitors and sales. Millions of online users are searching for products, topics and interests utilizing the most popular search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These search engines depend on proper markup and formatted content on sites in order to direct users to the best results. There are several things companies can do to improve their ranking or position in search results for free. One major aspect to consider is your site schema or markup and how a search engine understands it.

HTML Formatting Doesn’t Cut It

Good HTML formatting helps control how browsers actually render content on a page, but a little more is needed in order to tell a search engine crawling the site exactly what the content represents. Additional vocabulary and microdata is needed to provide Google, Bing and other more detail. A search engine will have a limited understanding of page content, but microdata clarifies the exact topic of the content.