Some interesting tidbits this week about Google+ and their real-time SEO, CSS measurements, and more. Have a great weekend everyone!




What is the new SEO?

Google drops support for IE 9

Responsive web design has been getting a lot of favorable press lately. From Google's recommendation of it as a mobile best practice, to the seemingly unending number of articles that tout the importance of responsive design, it might seem as if the only choice any more is responsive. Still, responsive design has its drawbacks and a mobile website might still be the best option for your business.

This week, there are some new developments in the social and eCommerce world that I thought would interest you as well as some new developments in "mobile awesomeness" with a responsive jQuery plugin. 


Facebook no longer lets users hide from search

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Google Analytics to end support for IE8 by year’s end

Here are this week's resources to help you advance your web design, development and IT knowledge. 


Firefox beats Chrome in performance for the first time in years

Start your weekend off right with another roundup of the best links on web development, design and other random geekery that the web has to offer. 


Internet Explorer 10 becomes the number one Microsoft browser version