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Apache and Nginx Both Apache and Nginx are great for Drupal; however, there are some key differences to grasp. A few years ago, Apache was the go-to standard. Nowadays, Nginx takes the lead. At Unleashed Technologies, we use Nginx for a number of reasons.

How to Host Drupal - Part 3Today, we are going to talk about how to choose the right database for your application. In essence, Drupal is driven by the database. You will want to select the right database system that can handle your traffic load and storage in order to have a fast performing application. MySQL is the preferred database storage for Drupal; however, what most people fail to recognize is that there are many variations of MySQL.

Bare-Metal vs. Virtual EnvironmentsNow that we’ve briefly illustrated the difference between virtual and bare-metal environments in Part 1 of my series, how can we determine which is most beneficial for your company? There are several things to consider when making this significant business decision.

How to Host Drupal - Part 1Drupal is a wonderful open source content management system for any site: business or enterprise. Hosting a finished Drupal website, however, can be a challenge. When you’re looking at a finished website and ready to take it to the public, you will want to make sure that it’s hosted in the right environment for performance, reliability, scalability and security.

Bare-Metal vs. Virtual Environments - Part 1In the past few years, we’ve seen a number of new terms emerge in the industry. Two of which, pertaining to cloud computing, are ‘Bare Metal’ and ‘Virtual’ environments. 

2014 will forever be remembered as the year eCommerce sales growth overtook retail sales growth in the United States. More and more people are comfortable purchasing items online and they’re doing so more often than ever before. If you’re in the business of eCommerce get ahead of the changing landscape and resolve to improve your online conversions in 2015 with a few key optimizations.

One of the most impressive facts that I heard this week was that the user base for Magento Enterprise has doubled since the last Imagine conference. That's explosive growth and one that has resulted in Magento representing a 20% share of the eCommerce market.

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One of the most informative sessions I attended yesterday, was “Doubling Your Revenues in 6 Months.” In this session, the panel, which included two merchants and two Magento Solution Partners, discussed 20 specific, actionable items that retailers can use to substantially increase their revenue. Of the items discussed, here are the ideas presented by the panel that could be quickly implemented to start yielding results immediately: