Start your weekend off right with another roundup of the best links on web development, design and other random geekery that the web has to offer. 


Internet Explorer 10 becomes the number one Microsoft browser version

When your site is slow, you frustrate your users, resulting in a negative impression of your company and costing you business. In a world of high speed internet and increasing expectations, research has found that after just a three second delay 40% of users will leave your site to find other options for what they are seeking. Many things can impact the speed of your site, from your hosting infrastructure to bad programming.

Too often, websites are difficult to update and frustrating to manage. Many companies have turned to content management systems (CMS) to gain some control over maintaining their site, but not all CMSs are alike.

I'm always on the lookout for exciting ideas and new technologies to broaden my knowledge of web development and design. Each week, I'll be posting links to articles on development, design and other miscellanious information that I find interesting. What follows are the highlights of the links I've recently discovered. I hope you find them as useful as I did.

In a recent article by Kivi Leroux Miller, "You Might Need New Tech More than New Staff," she shares her research for an upcoming book and makes the assertion that, "organizations that are most successful at using content to engage their communities consider the combination of a good CRM (customer relationship management software), CMS (website content management system), email and e-commerce technology to be just as important to their success as having thoughtful and creative staff members who can write well." In our work developing content management platforms for nonprofits, we have found this to be true. Talent is definitely essential, but a strong, highly integrated platform from which you can manage communications and membership data will ensure that even a limited staff can reach their goals.