Responsive web design has been getting a lot of favorable press lately. From Google's recommendation of it as a mobile best practice, to the seemingly unending number of articles that tout the importance of responsive design, it might seem as if the only choice any more is responsive. Still, responsive design has its drawbacks and a mobile website might still be the best option for your business.

Over the past few months, we have seen many major mobile applications make drastic changes to their look and feel. Google +, LinkedIn and Twitter have all revamped their design to enhance user experience. Below are a few trends and successful elements seen with these new and improved applications.

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Internet Explorer 10 becomes the number one Microsoft browser version

In a recent report, the Yankee Group released the results of a survey that shows that the iPhone will surpass Android in number of users worldwide by 2015. The iPhone has significant consumer loyalty with a reported 91% of respondents saying that they plan to purchase another iPhone when they next purchase a smartphone.

It seems that everyone's talking about mobile technology these days, but surprisingly not everyone is using it yet to help their business. A recent study by Constant Contact and published by eMarketer shows that only one-third of small business respondents have optimized their website for mobile devices. The majority of small businesses who incorporate mobile marketing into their planning do so for social media engagement or email marketing, with more than 70% reporting that they are implementing those sorts of programs.

The number of people using smartphones to shop and make purchases continues to grow. In fact, a recent study showed that 38 million Americans admitted they shop online while *ahem* otherwise indisposed, and 9 million claim to have shopped during business meetings. With all of this mobile commerce taking place, here are some of the trends you should watch for when designing your site and delivering content to your customers:

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Last week, Forrester released a new report that detailed the rate of growth for the eCommerce industry for the next five years, estimating a compound annual growth of 9%. This increase in online retail sales, which closed out 2012 at $231B is anticipated to rise to $262B in 2013 and continue through 2017 where Forrester predicts it will hit $370 Billion. There are two factors cited as the drivers of this growth...