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There are many tutorials on how to add navigation to your Magento ecommerce website, but not a lot of tutorials on once you add your navigation how to display subcategories.

Step 1:

Open your text editor (Dreamweaver, Notepad++, etc.) and create a new .phtml file.  Copy the following code into your new file:

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How to Display Category Navigation in Magento
Last week I was approached with an issue from one of my collegues "the magento category navigation not displaying, what am I doing wrong?".  After hours on hours trying different techniques, I finally realized how easy and simple it was to display the navigtion.

Below are the steps you should follow if your navigation isn't displaying on your magento website:

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The landscape of open source and the available technologies continues to change on a monthly (if not daily) basis. Trying to keep track of it all can be a bit overwhelming as you'll quickly run into an unbelievable amount of solution offerings that are free for your continuing development and site management. Unlike many other sectors of technology the web continues to be evolving so fast that all solutions are not created equal with small differences to focus on particular functionality or business verticals.

I've been working on a project last week that involves creating a custom plugin for FCKEditor. I needed a way to inject custom code into the HTML output (custom Magento templating stuff, actually). I wanted the code to be hidden from the user but easily managed by the user through a dialog box. This way, the user can easily change this without worrying about the underlying code (or FCKEditor corrupting it).