As we come into the New Year we can take an entire year in review and say that the landscape of web is changing forever – more and more organizations and companies are leveraging Drupal for enterprise applications. In previous years open source solutions such as Drupal would never be considered for the projects that are insisting it be used for today.

Are you searching for quick and easy jQuery tools for customizing form elements?

For any web designer, form elements such as input boxes, select boxes, radio buttons and checkboxes can be a real headache.

This week, there are some new developments in the social and eCommerce world that I thought would interest you as well as some new developments in "mobile awesomeness" with a responsive jQuery plugin. 


Facebook no longer lets users hide from search

jQuery performance issues are more common than they should be, causing dreadful load times and a poor user experience.  Here are some quick tips that can help you optimize jQuery code like a pro and, in turn, your website’s performance.

Check out this week's links I found from around the web. Who prefers to use Chrome? How Google is a self-taught designer and where the heck did those blue screens of death go?


Google launches Web Designer (announcement)

Here are this week's resources to help you advance your web design, development and IT knowledge. 


Firefox beats Chrome in performance for the first time in years