Panic is lame. Start your integration without It. Keep reading for enterprise level integration considerations and tips for your organization.

When looking for an eCommerce Inventory Management system there are a number of considerations a retailer has to think about. The more places your inventory is located and the more channels you sell on, the more complex inventory management becomes. Integration, automation, and synchronization will be key aspects of managing your eCommerce inventory.

As we come into the New Year we can take an entire year in review and say that the landscape of web is changing forever – more and more organizations and companies are leveraging Drupal for enterprise applications. In previous years open source solutions such as Drupal would never be considered for the projects that are insisting it be used for today.

I am embarking on a nine-day, 1500-mile bike ride in early April 2014. My first thought was, “Am I fit enough for this?” That was immediately followed by, “HOW do I prepare for this?” As I began the process of planning and scheduling, I realized that preparing for this event isn’t so different than the work I do every day as a QA and Project Manager with Unleashed Technologies.

In today's world, social media is everywhere. Your grandmother is on Facebook, you follow your friends' vacation photos on Instagram, and you may have more than one board on Pinterest of things you'd either like to make or have. It's that last point that online retailers are starting to take note of and one that you should consider as well as you make plans for your website.

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There are many ways in which to promote a website! The fact of the matter is you will need to get the word out somehow, especially if you have just launched a new website that did not work or look so good a month ago. New products, new store features, the list goes on for reasons why, so let’s think about how to get your online offerings into the worlds eye.

I find it odd that in this day in age the public facing web presence of any organization whether it be non-profit or commercial is still perceived as a one time investment. Like all companies in the small to mid-sized business range the reality of budget is something everyone must work within.

Unleashed Technologies, LLC recently partnered with BookDivas Entertainment, LLC to roll out the brand new bookdivas.com website. BookDivas.com is a community based website that serves the female young adult market that have a passion for reading and writing poetry, short stories, and full length novels. From their previous roll-out bookdivas.com needed a web presence that was easier to manage, offered an easier interface for their visitors/members to interact, and was easier for regular contributors/admins of the website to manage. The new website includes:

The Marketing Command Center (MarCC)  is a product developed by Unleashed Technologies that functions as a single source platform for Analytics, E-Mail Marketing, Website Management (CMS), and has received a serious overhaul for the first quarter of 2010. The product offering has been completely rearchitected and leverages the Drupal platform to give clients a familiar and easy to use interface. The upgrade has resulted in: