Google Chrome is my favorite browser for frontend development and debugging. The built-in developer tools are fantastic and easy-to-use. But Chrome has some other less-obvious features that can make development a breeze.

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Once again we are witnessing the game change before our eyes. Whether you are a web designer or a web developer, you can't help but get excited when you consider the possibilities of HTML 5. From advanced animations and 3d effects to data presentation and interactive application interfaces, it's no surprise companies like Adobe © are putting heavy focus on developing new concepts and powerful tools to command this new weapon of mass attraction. Will HTML5 Replace FLASH?

A simple jQuery Slideshow TutorialImage slideshows are a popular method of displaying a larger volume of pictures in websites. Not only do they reduce the amount of page real-estate these photos would use but also if done correctly, can add a wow factor to any site. By making use of the handy Cycle plugin for jQuery, we can easily create a slideshow of our own, complete with previous and next navigation controls. Not a master of Javascript?

Myth #1: Field of Dreams - "If you build it, they will come"

If you've seen the Kevin Costner film then you remember how he hears this phrase whispered several times. He then builds a baseball field in a middle of a farm and voilà, famous baseball players show up.

I find it odd that in this day in age the public facing web presence of any organization whether it be non-profit or commercial is still perceived as a one time investment. Like all companies in the small to mid-sized business range the reality of budget is something everyone must work within.

"Flash animation" is a buzz word that a majority of our clients will use to describe animation, special effects, and generally any moving part on their web presence. Even though the same solution could be built in many different ways, the customer knows it only to be "Flash", and as such, only asks for Flash. As most clients work in different industries, they may not know that other solutions exist or if Flash is even the best tool for their project.

Internet Explorer 9 is the latest version of Microsoft's web browser. Although it's not expected to be released to the public until 2011, developers may download a preview version for beta testing. They are looking to make a huge number of improvements to the browser (compared to previous versions), which we're really excited about.

One common theme in great user interfaces is the ability to edit content in place without page reload. If you are displaying any kind of editable content to a user, that user will almost expect the ability to manipulate their content without having to work through one or more page reloads. Javascript is the perfect candidate to utilize this type of functionality within your website. More specifically, the jQuery framework will simplify your task even more.

I've been working on a project last week that involves creating a custom plugin for FCKEditor. I needed a way to inject custom code into the HTML output (custom Magento templating stuff, actually). I wanted the code to be hidden from the user but easily managed by the user through a dialog box. This way, the user can easily change this without worrying about the underlying code (or FCKEditor corrupting it).

Google Chrome was officially revealed at a news conference on November 19, 2009. Unlike Windows and other modern operating systems, Chrome OS has only one application - the web browser. There is no word processor or email programs - all applications are web-based, running and saving your data in the "cloud".