When considering mobile options for your website, there are a lot of ways you can choose to go. Graceful degradation web design is one strategy you may be considering to make your website usable on mobile devices. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the impact of choosing graceful degradation for your website’s mobile design and when you should choose a different design tactic.

When thinking about a new web project, many organizations are fearful when they hear the word “custom”. For them, custom means expensive. Custom modules aren’t always a time or money pit though and can be a great asset to your site if you choose your customization wisely.

If you have a publication, you’re probably already offering content online or at least seriously evaluating what it takes to get there. For most magazines, newspapers, and other publications, a simple online image of the printed version just won’t cut it...

As a designer and theme expert for almost the past decade, I have seen many iterations of how our industry goes about creating a theme. The one constant for designers and theme developers is the use of CSS (Cascading Style Sheets).

With the Drupal 8 release on the horizon I wanted to point out some of the things I'm excited about, whether functionality-wise or for expanding Drupal. These new Drupal 8 features are all welcome additions!

Are you looking for some actionable CSS performance tips that will help you to boost website speed without sacrificing aesthetics?

Cascading Style Sheets or CSS documents are a key component for a web designer to control how HTML elements appear on a page. By targeting classes and id’s within the HTML code, a designer can integrate styling elements such as padding, background graphics, sizing and spacing relationships, etc.

Some interesting tidbits this week about Google+ and their real-time SEO, CSS measurements, and more. Have a great weekend everyone!




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