The benefits of cloud computing are too great to overlook. Especially when it comes to having a business with multiple sites, storing and sharing data can become a very cumbersome without the aid of cloud computing. Having data at a facility designed from the ground up for redundancy minimizes the risk of data loss, while also providing the flexibility to be available from virtually anywhere on the internet. Additionally, issues such as throughput to and from the data are gone with having hosting done at a datacenter. While any random Joe can host a server to store data at an office, a cloud solution at a datacenter could have dedicated gigabit circuits, redundant power, and state-of-the-art cooling systems so that the hardware would have no reason to falter.

Are Tablets Ready

Ever since the Motorola Xoom and subsequently Galaxy Tab 10.1 have come out (sorry, not an Apple fan. Gasp!) I have been pondering two questions. One, can I find a good deal on Ebay? Two, and more importantly, can I replace my notebook and use the tablet as my every day computing resource?

Unleashed Technologies was proud to be a co-sponsor of the recent "Lunch and Learn" event that took place yesterday at our Data Center facility in Ashburn, VA.

I find it odd that in this day in age the public facing web presence of any organization whether it be non-profit or commercial is still perceived as a one time investment. Like all companies in the small to mid-sized business range the reality of budget is something everyone must work within.

One of the most common things I see amongst clients is there dissatisfaction with a current provider of some sort in the web space. This could be hosting, development, design, account management, and it doesn't stop their. One of the major issues I believe that facilitates this issue is that partners or vendors are "cobbled" together to take care of a single aspect of a project.

I've had the unfortunate happenings of helping several new clients that are coming from disaster based situations as it surrounds hosting and the availability of their applications/websites. The first major issue is truly the hosting firms themselves. Pretty much every web firm out there offers hosting of some kind. They do this in part for two main reasons;