In a recent webinar, Unleashed Technologies CEO, Michael Spinosa, took a close look at the investment involved in deploying a Magento Enterprise website versus a Magento Community driven website with similar project scopes. Michael explored a lot of the misconceptions eCommerce businesses have when it comes to "free" platforms, comparing true development and support costs with license fees.

There are very few eCommerce platforms on the market that are as robust and flexible as Magento. However, with any complex online store comes the risk of increased load times and potential lost conversions due to slow site performance. Recent studies have shown that just a one second delay during page loads can reduce conversions by 7%. There are several steps that can be taken to optimize a Magento site. Here are a few of the basic measures that can be taken to speed up the user's shopping experience.

One of the most impressive facts that I heard this week was that the user base for Magento Enterprise has doubled since the last Imagine conference. That's explosive growth and one that has resulted in Magento representing a 20% share of the eCommerce market.

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One of the most informative sessions I attended yesterday, was “Doubling Your Revenues in 6 Months.” In this session, the panel, which included two merchants and two Magento Solution Partners, discussed 20 specific, actionable items that retailers can use to substantially increase their revenue. Of the items discussed, here are the ideas presented by the panel that could be quickly implemented to start yielding results immediately:

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Today is the first day of the conference and there where several large announcements worth noting to people that engage the Magento platform at any level. As a quick summary those major announcements include:

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Magento is providing two distinct tracks for the business of ecommerce and corresponding development during this years conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. I'll be focusing on the business track to help broaden the knowledge base of industry trends, new emerging best practices, and of course new value that can be offered back to our client base. During the conference I'll provide a daily summary of the tracks in our blog for you to follow along with interesting and perhaps also controversial topics. The tracks that I'm planning to attend include:

Magento's Imagine eCommerce conference starts Monday in Las Vegas! In addition to the opportunity to meet others who are actively working with and promoting Magento, I am most looking forward to getting a glimpse into Magento's vision for the future. I'll be attending sessions in the Business and Partner Powered tracks in order to learn more about how companies are leveraging Magento to drive revenue and understand where the market is going.

With the rapid development of mobile and tablet devices, more and more people are browsing the web with these powerful devices. In merely a few years, mobile and tablet devices are expected to surpass laptops and desktops as the tools of choice to explore the web. Based on a US Digital Media Usage Report by eMarketer, mobile internet users will grow from 97.3 million users in 2011 to 113.9 million users in 2012. That is over 17% growth in a year. These are early growth estimates. I expect the percentage in growth to be much higher. What do these statistics tell online store owners? It is time to invest in a mobile presence.

Today I attended a track very focused on eCommerce as Drupal traditionally has not carved out a niche in the eRetail market. I was particularly interested as we are a Magento Silver partner and while we've done some terrific work on the Drupal platform for eCommerce it's not nearly as developed or have the focus to manage large retailers without substantial heavy lifting. First here are some of great examples we were given that I'm going to disect:

Denver DrupalCon kicks off tomorrow for web firms with an all day private training sessions for leaders of the industry. Last year this was extremely valuable as people from all over the industry came to help with solutions for challenges that Drupal firms face everyday. While I'm most excited about this and I'll be providing information on each of the focus areas I wanted to provide the sessions I'm most interested in  coming into Tuesday that take place through Thursday.