This week we have a collection of new/upcoming releases to be aware of as well as the breadcrumb types that more than half of eCommerce sites are getting wrong. There's a lot of information out there enjoy this week's roundup. 




Looking for some quick tips to increase your business’ lead generation through email marketing?

The average person can receive hundreds of commercial emails each day. During this time of year especially we see a flood of emails featuring Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. What separates some emails from the rest? What can be done to make these emails stand out from the crowd and lead to online conversions?

Sure, you've never had your site hacked and your customers' information is safe and sound, but online shoppers - particularly those who aren't familiar with your site yet - don't know that. Keep reading for some quick tips to build online shopping trust and why it matters.

Ways to Supercharge Your eCommerce Site Speed
In today’s world of eCommerce, site speed and performance of your online store is of top importance. A slow homepage load time can cripple a store and significantly decrease conversions. Online shoppers see a slow loading store as being unprofessional. The shopping environment itself devalues the products being sold by simply under performing and not providing immediacy to its users.

Some great information and educational resources for Drupal and Magento this week. Enjoy!


Magento is still the #1 e-commerce platform in the world

What follows are some great resources I found this week from other bloggers, experts and publications. I hope they help you get your week off to a great start. 

Design / CSS

Adapting to a responsive design (case study)

The steady increase in traffic on the web has led to more companies to invest time and money into their online presence. Whether the goal is to build the site from scratch or make an upgrade, there is a lot of planning that goes into the initiative. Before anything is built or coded, several questions need to be answered that determine the actual scope of the project.

The number of people using smartphones to shop and make purchases continues to grow. In fact, a recent study showed that 38 million Americans admitted they shop online while *ahem* otherwise indisposed, and 9 million claim to have shopped during business meetings. With all of this mobile commerce taking place, here are some of the trends you should watch for when designing your site and delivering content to your customers: