Did you know that electronic commerce (eCommerce) is responsible for more than $200 billion dollars changing hands every year? In fact, the WSJ believes that number will balloon to $327 billion by 2016. If you’d like to capitalize on this trend and add eCommerce functionality to your Drupal website - whether it is a blog, community, or organization centerpiece - it can be done by utilizing several contributed modules.

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GitHub and services like it, such as BitBucket, GitLab or Gitorious use git. Git is a distributed version control system written by the creator of Linux, Linus Torvalds, after he got frustrated with proprietary software. Git is similar to other version control systems such as subversion or CVS, but it's distributed. What this means is that if you clone a git project, you have the entire project history.

Let’s say you have a Drupal site and an eCommerce store built into that Drupal site that has been steadily growing. In addition to the hundreds of pages of content that you manage with Drupal, you now are also managing hundreds of unique SKU’s and it’s getting messy. It is probably time to consider an integration with Drupal as CMS and Magento as your eCommerce solution.

When embarking on just about any data migration project, it’s important to have a strategy in place to ensure a smooth transition. This might seem like a no-brainer, but often migration services can be performed without adequate testing and oversight, resulting in lost data, reductions in performance, and a negative impact on user experience.

Drupal’s free Content Management System solution has been popular with non-profit organizations for years because of its accessibility and expandability. Last month the Drupal Community was introduced to Drupal 8 by founder Dries Buytaert DrupalCon Austin 2014 and he spoke about the open-source-software’s dedication to providing developers and their organizations with the most progressive Content Management System available through a General Public License.