A Brief History of the eCommerce World

I recently stumbled upon the following infographic from http://visual.ly/. It gives an overview of the history of eCommerce from the first electronic transactions to today. eCommerce come so far since the days of teleshopping and Netscape, with online stores now offering everything from bagels to a zombie apocalypse survival kit. So, what's next?

As this infographic indicates, it's mobile. Not only is it next, it's now. Mobile commerce, or m-Commerce as it is being called, is rapidly growing in popularity. Forrester analysts project that consumer purchases via smartphones will grow to represent 7% of the eCommerce market. It might not seem like much at first glance, but this represents $31B in online sales by the year 2016. This month, we saw Starbucks partner with Square process its mobile payments, and PayPal stated that it expects to handle $10B in mobile payments this year alone. So, have you taken a look at your eCommerce site online? Mobile commerce is here and it's already making history. 



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Sources: http://www.internetretailer.com/trends/web-technology/