Behind the Monitor with Jaymes Brown

Jaymes Brown is a Junior Web Designer with Unleashed and has been with us since 2013. He works in both graphic and web design roles and currently leads our company's branding initiatives. He recently sat down with us to discuss topics ranging from Colored Pencils to Web Design.

An Early Love For Drawing

I knew I had a passion for artwork, especially drawing, during my elementary school career. One of my favorite childhood activities was sketching video game characters with colored pencils, copying their shape and features from catalogs that came with the games. I enjoyed creating personal copies of my favorite characters with free form drawing and it allowed me to explore my creative handiwork at a young age.

Graphic Design

In college, I became interested in other genres of design, including Animation and Architecture. Working with AutoCAD for an Architecture class opened up my eyes to structured design and the importance of spatial relationships, both of which led to my decision to study Graphic Design at Towson University. I immersed myself in Adobe’s Photoshop and Illustrator during my college career and began using these tools with the intention of carving out a career in design.

Internship and Logo Design

I secured an internship with KGZ Graphics during my junior year of college which is where I discovered my talent and interest in logo design. While interning I was able to work directly with clients on projects ranging from promotional materials (The Spine Specialist’s Baltimore Grand Prix Party) to logo redesigns (Crab Cake Cafe). Throughout my internship I learned about the many complexities designers face in their creative workplaces and the successful habits of great graphic designers.

Website Design

My logo design aspirations were eventually overtaken by a new interest I discovered during my senior year at Towson thanks to their Web1 and Web2 design courses. I was introduced to Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) in these classes before I expanded my coding skills and knowledge by working on independent projects. I discovered that as a web designer I could synergize my art and design skills with familiar tools like Photoshop and Illustrator. Working for Unleashed has afforded me the opportunity to further my web design portfolio and allowed me to flex my graphic design muscle on several branding initiatives, marketing strategies, and even logo designs.