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Managing Drupal development and deployment environments can get tricky… but it doesn’t have to be. Here are some quick tips for managing multiple Drupal environments.

Learn how to improve site performance and load times with these 4 quick optimization tips.

Trying to find a way to add a little Halloween flair to your website? Trying to make your social media more prominent on your website? Below are instructions for getting your own twitter bat to fly around your web page. We are going to be using the popular triple flap script for adding a twitter bird that flies around your screen, and customizing the sprite for some Halloween fun.

I have seen many people either asking if Drupal is an application framework, or arguing that it is or isn't. There are varying opinions, with some arguing frameworks cant come with UI's or that they can't function out of the box without coding. For me the question is does it provide tools need to develop complex and robust applications, and make it easy to do so. I find myself leaning more and more choosing Drupal as the base for my web applications.

For Part 3 of this series we will be getting into what tools and modules can be used to create an intranet of committees using Drupal and civiCRM

For this we will be going over how Drupal can be used to create an intranet with access to membership directories and provide individual group pages for each committee within your organization, with the ability to subscribe to messages organize events and share documents.

May 18th 2010 Google released one of its most intriguing API's Contextual Gadgets. I have been wanting an opportunity to start developing with this API and will explain why.  Google has been using context for a long time in its advertising to put up relevant ads and now developers have the ability to display information based on context, to some the possibilities might not be apparent but the possibilities are incredible

Continuing from part one of Creating the ultimate non-profit solution using Drupal and CiviCRM, this tutorial will cover using the main civiEvents, civiMember and civiContribute. To manage your non profit better using drupal.

This is the first in a multi part series in getting the most out of a Drupal + CiviCRM deployment.
Series Topics Will include

The way we use the internet has drastically changed in the last several years, moving from something that we only did on our computers to the use of mobile devices. Mobile devices capable of web browsing are almost ubiquitous now, with capable Apple, Microsoft, Android, and Blackberry devices seemingly everywhere. But as websites have become more graphically stunning and complex over the years they can become less readable on mobile devices.