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One aspect of an online store that really sets it apart from others is the user shopping experience. There are several elements that can be incorporated into a store that allows shoppers to interact closely with the available items and with fellow shoppers. A deeper shopping experience will keep users involved and eager to explore everything the site has to offer. User accounts, social sharing capabilities, image galleries, product reviews and commenting, and other interactive tools create a dynamic user experience that will keep conversions high and allow a store to grow.

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Non-Profits live and die by the Request for Proposal (RFP), but there is a better way to help control your costing when talking about managing the web. RFP's by their very nature focus on a "scope of work" or a well defined project that clearly has a beginning and an end. The truth is that the web has become so dynamic that it never stops evolving and there is no end to the project. In addition, many non-profits provide an RFP structure that isn't necessarily in line with what they ultimately want.

Google Chrome is my favorite browser for frontend development and debugging. The built-in developer tools are fantastic and easy-to-use. But Chrome has some other less-obvious features that can make development a breeze.