5 Reasons Why Your Company Should Invest in a Ping Pong Table

Working in the office can be very busy - and even stressful from time to time. Whether you're spending hours coding new apps and web pages, working on closing new deals, managing enterprise projects, or brainstorming ideas for marketing campaigns, things can get pretty tedious. So how do you relieve your team while keeping them motivated? Here's your answer - a ping pong table.  

You're probably thinking, "Why? That would be nothing but loud and distracting. It's a terrible idea" - but think twice about it. Ping pong is competitive, it gets the blood flowing, and it doesn't take longer than a few minutes to play a game. Not convinced? Read on to find out some of the benefits of investing in a ping pong table for your office.


1. Office morale

Nothing boosts a company's morale like fun and friendly competition within the office. The workplace is a better place to be when you have the opportunity to take on one of your co-workers in a quick competition or do a little trash talking after a meeting. Ping pong is fun and makes employees happy. Happy employees are more productive - it's science.


2. Breaking away from the computer screen

When you're spending hours in front of a computer screen writing countless lines of code, designing web pages, or racking your brain to get a script to work, it's a good practice to step away every once in a while to give your mind a break and prevent your eyeballs from burning out of your skull. Getting up to stretch your legs and move around after sitting for awhile is a good way to clear your head and help you refocus on the tasks at hand. You can go crazy from staring at a computer screen all day every day, what better excuse to take a ten minute break than by playing a quick game of pong? Don't end up like the guy below. 


3. Motivation and competitiveness

Ping pong brings out competitive nature and competitive employees tend to get work done. Competitiveness generally separates great companies from mediocre ones in terms of efficiency and when you compete against coworkers in the office, that pong-fueled competitiveness gets carried through to work. Productivity is bound to go up when everyone wants to win. Setting company goals that result in ping pong tournaments can be extremely motivating to the team as well.


4. We could all use an occasional distraction

Surely you shouldn't get carried away with playing games in the office all day - that wouldn't be very good at all. But taking your mind off a project every once in a while allows you to come back to it with a fresh perspective that can help a lot when you get into a rut. 



5. It's good for your brain

In addition to aerobic exercise, ping pong increases concentration/alertness, stimulates brain function, and develops tactical thinking skills along with hand/eye coordination. You may think you're just goofing around playing a game, but you're really training your mind to think more strategically and improve focus. Additionally, endorphines that are released during exercise make you feel happy and more relaxed. Who wouldn't want to be happy and relaxed while working all day?


So there you have it, a ping pong table is a great way to make the workplace better. However, ping pong is not the only way to encourage employee interaction and promote a fun work environment. There are tons of ways to improve the office to make it more than just a daily grind sitting at a desk all day. The key is to have something fun that brings employees together and doesn't take up too much time away from work.

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