3 Resolutions to Improve Your Site in 2013

As 2012 ends and 2013 begins, you've no doubt already made some plans for your business for the year ahead. It's important that you not neglect your website in your business plans. To help you with that, I've compiled a list of three resolutions that you should consider for your site in 2013.


1. Define your mobile strategy.

There is no denying it - people are using the internet from their mobile devices more than ever. And some of those people are your prospects and clients. It's important that in 2013, you have a mobile-friendly web presence. Whether you plan to undertake an app, a mobile site, or to redesign your site to be responsive, be sure to understand what will deliver the best mobile experience for your clients. Responsive design is all the rage right now, but make sure before embarking on any mobile venture that it's the best course of action, defining a clear mobile strategy to understand who is visiting your site and what their needs are will help you make the right decision. Here's a blog post from earlier in the year that will help you to decide if responsive design is the right move for your business.


2. Incorporate video content.

Video has become one of the most impactful and accessible forms of online content. Almost anyone can produce a video of decent quality and some of the leading online retailers have found that video is boosting conversion rates significantly. There are many ways you can add video to your website, either in the form of a video blog, product demonstrations, virtual tours, or service overviews. If a picture is worth 10,000 words, a short video is 1,000,000. Check out some of the ways that video will be used in 2013 to give you some inspiration. 


3. Increase content accessibility.

We often see sites where content is trapped in PDFs or buried in a maze of microsites or outdated publishing solutions - that wouldn't be your site, would it? When this happens, your site visitors become frustrated and leave without gaining access to the highly informational and engaging content you have. For 2013, take a hard look at the content on your website. Is it easily accessed and shared? Are similar articles recommended to visitors? Does your site search deliver relevant results? Here are some tips for cross-site content sharing and a case study on how we helped to increase usability for a site with hundreds of inaccessible PDFs to inspire you. Even if you have a limited amount of content, taking stock of what you have and how easy it is to access will help to ensure success as you embark on your plans for the New Year. 

These three resolutions are just the beginning of site improvements that you can make in the coming months. What other resolutions have you made for your site in 2013?