How to Choose Where to Work: Check the Online Reviews

Consumers regularly rely on services like Yelp and TripAdvisor for day-to-day decisions; however, restaurants and hotels are not the only recipients of the “reviews revolution”. More and more business decisions are being made with the help of review platforms such as Capterra, G2Crowd, and Clutch. Thanks to these platforms, a positive online reputation is one of the most powerful assets a professional services firm can leverage and improve the vendor selection process for organizations.

For the companies on the receiving end of these reviews, building and maintain a positive online reputation is not simply an effortless task. At the bare minimum, it requires a high level of customer satisfaction to the point where clients become what authors Ken Blanchard and Sheldon Bowles would refer to as “raving fans”. These “raving fans” are those who would never think about switching vendors and those who will sing your praises everywhere they go. It aligns with the understanding that a simply satisfied client may not feel obligated to share their experience with the world, whereas those who are highly satisfied (or adversely, highly dissatisfied) will.     

Why I Chose to Work at Unleashed Technologies

It’s from these “raving fans” that I first came to know Unleashed Technologies. I may be the newest team member, but my story with Unleashed Technologies pre-dates my employment by over two years. Prior to joining Unleashed Technologies, I was a Senior Analyst at Clutch, an independent IT research and ratings firm. Part of my role was managing accounts for companies participating on the reviews platform, and one of my first accounts was Unleashed Technologies (see Unleashed Technologies’ Clutch Reviews). 

To collect reviews for the platform, I was tasked with interviewing former clients to collect information and feedback on the projects. Whenever I was set to speak with a client of Unleashed Technologies, I knew I’d be dealing with a happy client. I was always hearing from one of their “raving fans” who, overwhelmingly, would sing their praises. I consistently heard about the thoroughness of proposals, competency of developers and designers, and attentiveness of project managers. This feedback was reflected in the case studies provided for the reviewed projects.

Given my experience with Unleashed Technologies as its Clutch Analyst, I had a detailed understanding of what they offered clients. Additionally, I was quite aware of the abnormally high-level of customer satisfaction their work yielded. Serendipitously, Unleashed Technologies was seeking an account executive to join their growing team at the same time I was stepping away from my previous role. Armed with what I knew about Unleashed Technologies already, joining the team was an easy decision.

Making a career decision is not always so simple. When entering a new role, there are a few things with which you’ll need to align. The most obvious is a knowledge of the product or industry. Secondarily, and perhaps more importantly, a belief in the product, it’s value, and it’s benefit to clients. I was lucky as I came into Unleashed Technologies with a pre-established understanding of the incredible work the team here produces and the positive impacts they’ve had for clients. Now as part of the team, I get to contribute to the growth of Unleased Technologies’ “raving fan” base and reputation.