3 Ways To Make Sure Your New Job Is A Great Fit

Have you ever been thrown into a pool of sharks and figured out how to escape? Well you could easily compare that to starting a new chapter in life. Ok—that may be a tad unrealistic, but in hindsight starting something new comes in at a close second. It’s never easy starting a new page in your book of life, whether it’s changing majors, getting married, or starting a new job; change is hard. What certainly does ease the pain of starting a new job are the people who aid in supporting you, the tools you use to get the job done, and living a well-balanced lifestyle.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

A study was conducted many moons ago where chimpanzees were placed into two different groups—by themselves and in groups with other chimpanzees. The study concluded that the chimpanzees who did not have social interaction with other chimpanzees were less productive and motivated than the chimpanzees who did. The same conclusion can easily be applied to humans. There are several aspects of a job that one considers before formally accepting an offer. The work-life balance, the job description, and the benefits package are just a few, but how about social interactions and collaboration with coworkers? The confident, smart and uplifting people at Unleashed Technologies enables me to be more social thus increasing efficiency and a creating a positive mood!

What’s in Your Tool Box?

You wouldn’t build an entertainment center from Ikea without the proper tools, would you? Well perhaps you’re the person who wouldn’t build an entertainment center, period, but the same idea comes into play when beginning a new job at Unleashed Technologies. Having the proper software programs, or “tools” to get the job done decrease the learning curve and increases productivity. Programs such as Slack for internal communication or fun GIFS, Harvest for project time tracking, and Teamwork for project management are just a few programs that Unleashed Technologies provides to not only get the job, but get it done efficiently!

A Well-Balanced Lifestyle in Your New Job

A well-oiled machine functions at full efficiency if all parts are properly inspected and maintained. The same theory is true to the human body when working in the hustle and bustle field of software development. Unleashed technologies enables employees to be their best selves, by providing employees with benefits and perks to get the job done while maintaining our best selves. Unleashed Technologies offers employees free gym memberships, the ability to work from home, and in-office games such as ping pong, employees can live a well-balanced life at work.

Starting a new chapter in your book of life is never easy, especially when it comes to making a career move. However, by surrounding yourself with a team of talented individuals, utilizing the programs in your “tool” box, and maintaining a well-balanced lifestyle one can make this transition with ease. Unleashed Technologies is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. If you’re ready to write your new chapter, please visit our careers page!