ASAE17 Infographic

Exhibiting at ASAE17

Our team at Unleashed Technologies recently exhibited for the third time at the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition and each year we enjoy meeting with the top talent in the association world. The ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition brings together thousands of association professionals and industry partners to exchange time, resources, strategies, solutions, and more. Spanning three days, the event offers attendees the opportunity to learn from their peers, collaborate on new paths forward, and take stock of the latest technologies.

Donating to One Laptop Per Child

Unleashed Technologies once again opted to focus on providing value to association professionals in the form of an attendee survey while also raising support so we could help donate to a charity. For this year’s edition, our team selected One Laptop per Child as the charity that would benefit from our engagement strategy with attendees. Our attendee survey at ASAE17 questioned attendees on topics including their organization’s digital content, website, mobile apps, and marketing automation platforms. For each survey completed, our team committed to give $10 to One Laptop per Child to support mission is to empower the world's poorest children through education. As a result, we were able to donate $1,300 following the conference. To read the results of our attendee survey from ASAE16, click here.

ASAE17 Infographic

Trends in Our Data & What Association Professionals Are Focused On

Digital Content Strength

When it comes to evaluating the strength of their association’s digital content, attendees provided us with almost identical responses to the year prior. This year’s survey showed us that 44% of attendees at ASAE17 answered that they consider their organization’s content to be “Better Than Average” (compared to similarly robust 42% at ASAE16). Once again, the “Weak” and “Exceptional” categories both received just under 10% of the vote each at 8% and 9% respectively. Looking at this data over a two-year period, it becomes clear that most association professionals feel that their content is consistent with their peers, but only much smaller groups are willingly to categorize their content at the far end of either side of the quality spectrum.

Remaining Relevant

Relevancy of content also continues to be a powerful theme in the data our team has collected at ASAE16 and ASAE17. In both editions of our attendee survey, over 40% of association professionals surveyed answered that their members feel their content appeals to them because it is “Relevant to them”.  25% of attendees we surveyed at ASAE17 responded that their organization’s content resonates with its members because it is viewed as a “Trusted Resource” and in this answer, we see no movement in either direction compared to the survey results from the previous year. Lastly, the speed in which the content delivers important news is considered less important in the eyes of attendees as indicated by that survey answer drawing the lowest percentage of the four choices offered.

Room for Improvement

When asked what aspect of their organization’s website they would most like to improve, 45% of attendees we surveyed responded that the ability to grow their association’s programs, events and communication efforts is their number one concern. Another leading answer provided was the ability to update site content quickly and easily. This result speaks directly to importance of leveraging a powerful content management system to ensure association publishing teams can rapidly generate, publish, update, and distribute content. Improving web accessibility and compliance came in a very distant last place at 6% of the vote. Our team fully expects to see that answer rise as the topic of compliance becomes more and more top of mind for association professionals in the coming months.

Tracking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

As digital transformation becomes a topic of increasing focus among association professionals, we asked attendees at ASAE17 if their association currently tracks Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Half of the survey respondents indicated that their association is currently tracking KPIs and this illustrates the rise in combining data with goal setting.

A Shift to Progressive Web Apps

As mobile applications continue to be adopted across industries, we also asked attendees of their association is currently offering members a mobile app.  Almost half (49%) of survey respondents indicated that their association currently offers members a mobile application or is in the process of building one. Our team expects that a shift towards Progressive Web Applications (PWAs) the rest of 2017 and as we begin 2018 as the technology is seeing increasing adoption and offers a cost-effective alternative to mobile applications.

Thank You ASAE17 Attendees

Unleashed Technologies would like to thank all the ASAE17 attendees who shared their time with us and completed our attendee survey. We’re looking forward to engaging with attendees once again at ASAE18 in Chicago and we would welcome the chance to discuss any of these topics with your association as you continue to maximize its presence on the web.