Drupal to InDesign XML Importer

What is the Drupal to InDesign XML Importer?

The Drupal to InDesign XML Importer is primarily a content movement vessel built by Unleashed Technologies. It supports online publishers looking to streamline their workflow by effortlessly cascading content exported from an InDesign file across all available mediums saving time and eliminating monotonous tasks of publishing new content to these sources individually.

How Does It Work?

We start by associating XML tags with each of the InDesign file’s paragraph and style tags. An XML file, as well as associated assets (i.e. images), are exported from this InDesign file and are then uploaded into the Unleashed XML Importer. The XML Importer takes this data and pushes it up and parses it into the website automatically as content. This helps streamline the process so that the file is created once during the design process and does not have to be manually entered again on the web presence. As a result, this minimizes time needed in the initial process and reduces any potential entry errors from manually placing this content.

Drupal: A Powerful Tool for Publishers

Drupal is a powerful tool for publishers because Drupal focuses on content. Unlike many other content management systems, Drupal’s model is to build content once and uses many times in different formats. An article is a great example of this:

When you create an article within Drupal, you define the title, the author, the publish date, and the body copy. From there, Drupal takes snippets of that information and places it on a homepage as a teaser or in a search listings page, reusing the content where necessary, cutting down the amount of time it takes to populate it across your site. However, the real advantage to this becomes apparent if you need to make a change to that articles’ content. Let’s say we need to edit the title of the article; instead of updating each location where the article title might display, you will only have to go directly to the article to update the title field. This update will then apply to all of the listings and content areas where Drupal has placed that article.

Real Life Application for NACS Magazine

NACS Magazine Drupal to InDesign XML ImporterBefore NACS Magazine came to Unleashed Technologies for help, they were manually populating their content across all of their mediums. Originally, one team would create the copy in InDesign, which would give them the magazine layouts and print assets. From there, another team would take that same copy and manually place it up on the website. While this allows them greater control of the content display in both mediums, it also doubles the time it takes to curate and doubles the cost of resources to manage this workflow.

The Drupal to InDesign XML Importer solves this problem by allowing one team to create everything in InDesign and then cascade the content across all of their other mediums.

With the new Drupal to InDesign XML Importer, NACS' content managers can upload an entire issue of articles at the same time, and in the same step seamlessly push this web content to their Adobe Experience Manager Mobile app. This functionality provides consistency for both the web and digital version of the magazine by reducing errors resulting from the manual transfer process. It also significantly reduces the time it takes to push content live on the website, yielding a higher engagement reputation with their members.

Where Can I Get One?

The organizations that are best positioned to take advantage of the Drupal to InDesign XML Importer are those that have repeatable structures of content such as journals and magazines. It’s currently built to work on php-based systems such as Drupal and WordPress.

If you would like to further the conversation or, if you feel your organization might be a good candidate for the Drupal to InDesign XML Importer, we would love to hear from you.