Celebrating 10 Years of Unleashed Technologies

Celebrating 10 Years From Start-Up to Enterprise

Today, we will be celebrating 10 years of Unleashed Technologies with friends, family, and clients. It feels like only just yesterday I was sitting at client conference tables asking for organizations to take a big chance on us. My chest puffed out as I exclaimed our tenure of 2-years and incredible growth. I would remember saying, “We’re five people FULL TIME and we do it totally differently.” Now, we're proud to rank as one of the top enterprise web firms in the Mid-Atlantic Region with a team of more than 30 experts.

Time has moved incredibly fast and so has the face of Unleashed Technologies. The scrappy start up born from $1000 of startup capital operating completely from profit that would survive by sub-leases, tremendous person investment, and its insatiable appetite to be relevant in an industry that so desperately needed it has found its voice in a sea of actors. Our growth has been exponential and continues to soar above our competitors'.

Why We Thrived

One of these survival tactics really stands out to me above all the rest: tremendous personal investment. Over the course of these past ten years this company has been so privileged to have people that have given their entire heart and soul to this company. Many of which are still with us today serving Unleashed Technologies faithfully for over 6 years and some since its very inception.

When this company started it was a technology generalist that had no self-identity (even though we didn’t realize it) and its value was uncertain. We would sit together in the dirtiest offices you’ve ever seen talking about what would come next and spending late nights every day of the week at the office to please our clients and get ahead of the competition. I remember looking at people working so hard on tiny glass IKEA desks which could not hide the atrocity that was our bright grass green carpets. I remember asking myself, “Why are these people here with Unleashed Technologies?”.

They could be anywhere making more money, in better conditions, and with half the commitment. At that time, I don’t know that I understood the “why” part. However, after getting to where we are today, it’s clear to me that everyone who has contributed to this organization at one point or another believed not only in our mission, but the person sitting right next to them. There was an understanding of greatness, which could only be earned, not given, and that their personal worth was attached to all facets of their lives.

The Mission and Vision of Unleashed Technologies

It’s my hope that the founding members of Unleashed Technologies and the clients that have been with us for every step of our growth stand next to us proud in what this firm has accomplished in our short journey striving for a goal much bigger than ourselves. Today, we are celebrating 10 years of our mission to be the best without excuses or exceptions, which drives our vision of being the most premier Wosting® firm in the United States.

The Path Moving Forward

As web specialists architecting some of the most complex environments on the web internally and externally on open source solutions such as Drupal, WordPress, and Symfony, we’ve found our way to being rated one of the top three web firms in the mid-Atlantic region and the entire country.

Our future looks bright and full of excitement, obstacles, and growth. There are going to be monumental victories, troublesome setbacks, and remarkable experiences. I don’t think Unleashed Technologies would want it any other way. Cheers, to celebrating 10 years of Unleashed Technologies!