The Importance of Platform Integration in the Technology Industry – Part 1

We live and work in a world with many options. While uniformity can be nice, many of us want to use the very best product for the task at hand, even if it involves using multiple different technology platforms. Some would also argue that companies who allow for integration to their competitors’ platforms go further in the enterprise world.

The Ultimate Partnership

Even more recently, large, closed-sourced technology companies have made huge strides in being more optimistic by giving the consumer the option to use their product with their open source counterparts. Microsoft, for instance, now has released its own version of FreeBSD (a UNIX based operating system) and created a partnership with Canonical to bring features from the Ubuntu operating system to Windows 10. Business partnerships like this allow the consumer to do things they couldn’t do before within their technology environments.

Microsoft, however, is not the only technology giant moving forward in this direction. Hypervisors, such as vmware, and storage vendors have made big partnerships and integrations with their competitors, as well. This will allow businesses like yours to get the very best, customizable environment for your customers and personnel to employ.

In this upcoming series, we will discuss some of the advancements in technology platform integration as they pertain to general IT, web development, and web hosting.