DrupalCon Baltimore Sessions for a ManagerLike most of the Drupal community, I’m excited and looking forward to DrupalCon. This year, DrupalCon is in Baltimore, only a few minutes’ drive from the Unleashed Technologies headquarters. Unleashed Technologies is proud to be a sponsor and will be sending members of our staff to speak at sessions, help organize, staff our booth, and attend the conference.

Whenever I get ready to attend an event like this, I always scour the schedule ahead of time to map out a plan and make the best use of my time. As a manager of a Drupal shop, I’m always looking for better ways to manage projects, engage with clients, organize our teams, or just be more efficient. I suspect there are others with the same objectives. I thought I’d share a few of the sessions I’m looking forward to attending.




DrupalCon seems to have a lot to offer this year. When I’m not in sessions, I’ll be hanging out at our booth 110 in the exhibit hall talking to whoever might stroll by. If you’re looking for a new opportunity to work with a team of expert web developers and designers, come on by the Unleashed Technologies booth. Or, if you would like to hear what we offer, get some advice on how to manage a team, or see a few of our portfolio items, come say hi. See you there!