Drupal 6 end of lifeToday, February 24th 2016, marks end-of-life support for Drupal 6. Originally released in February 2008, over 110,000 websites still use Drupal 6 as their content management system.

If your organization is running a site on Drupal 6, you will need to consider two distinct courses of action to prevent your site from being jeopardized by future security threats.

Support & Maintenance for Drupal 6 Sites

If your organization is not yet ready to upgrade to one of the newer versions of Drupal, you can partner with a qualified Drupal web development firm to receive ongoing support and maintenance. This partner will be crucial to keeping your Drupal 6 site safe from automated attacks and other intrusions, as your site will be vulnerable to any new security issues discovered in Drupal 6 core. If you need assistance in researching a firm to fill this role for your organization, a great independent resource is Clutch.co. You will be able to review client reviews and be able to evaluate Drupal development firms on a broad range of criteria.

Upgrading to Drupal 7 or 8

We previously discussed what an organization should consider before choosing a Drupal migration following the release of Drupal 8 in November 2015.

As for the migration process itself, a best practice is to always partner with a qualified company or developer before you begin. While many of the more repetitive tasks can be automated with the migration module, the process still can present numerous challenges to orgranizations who attempt to perform the upgrade internally.

If you want to discuss in detail the impact of end-of--life for Drupal 6 on your site or what path your organization should select moving forward, please contact us. We'd be happy to discuss your organization's unique needs.


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