Creative Unleashed super heroes.At the 2015 ASAE Technology Conference & Expo, Unleashed Technologies and Bates Creative gathered information from over 86 association executives about their organization’s websites. Participating executives completed a brief, multiple choice survey that provided our team with candid feedback on a number of topics. We then compiled this data into an infographic to visually illustrate where trends appeared and what the group as a whole is considering in 2016.

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Content Truly Is King

When we asked executives why their website is valuable to their membership bases, over 47% responded that content is their site’s strongest attribute. As every organization and company is now a content publisher (whether they want to be or not), this answer demonstrates the acceptance of this concept among association executives. Regardless of the size of your association, engaging content is a vital component of your digital strategy.

User Experience Matters

Unsatisfactory user experience was the clear winner when we asked executives to choose their website’s most glaring deficiency. 54% of the individuals we surveyed felt their site does not deliver a high quality experience for users. 26% of our executives surveyed identified that their website is not responsive. A responsively designed website reacts to the width of the browser window and adjusts the display of content on your site to fit those dimensions. As users continue to abandon desktops in favor of phones and tablets, a responsive site will become essential for all organizations. As visitors access the web from multiple devices of varying screen sizes, it’s critical to present a website that meets their needs.

I’d Like a Side of Content Accessibility Please

Content is also top of mind for executives in terms of making their site’s management as efficient as possible. 58% of our participants identified content management and optimization as the best method to improve management of their site. With associations interfacing with a number of different user-roles, an easy to use CMS (Drupal or WordPress) is a critical piece of the equation.

If A Piece of Content Falls In The Woods…

Executives told us that presenting information and content so that it's easy to find on their site is another area that they would like to improve in 2016. With 52% of the vote, this data reinforces the overarching concept that content, and ensuring content is easy to access, is the preeminent point of concern for association executives as they begin 2016.


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