Digital Publishing Solution image.This past week Unleashed Technologies had the opportunity to join Adobe in their New York City office for a two day event revolving around the enterprise value of Adobe’s Digital Publishing Solution (DPS). For two days we focused on DPS and learned the ins-and-outs of the new software from several of Adobe’s top engineers.

The heart of the learning was how DPS will bring tremendous value to enterprise clients who need the ability to create, distribute, and manage content within applications autonomously. By studying and dissecting the code that controls DPS, we were able to realize the advantage it offers clients looking to create and support mobile applications.

The event was divided into lectures about the software and two separate development sprints that resulted in a prototype application which exercised all the new features of DPS. The main development focus was DPS’s Content Producer Service API and the ability it affords developers to create valuable tools that can be managed by content producers and editors outside of Adobe’s interface. The event also covered DPS’s new theme output powered by cards and layouts that is designed to react and respond to fit any device’s screen size. By working in tandem with the code and the engineers who wrote it, we were able to garner a great understanding of both the how and why behind DPS.

The Adobe team also highlighted a bunch of new integrations that DPS has available including Experience Manager and Marketing Cloud. The entire event was bookended by Q&A sessions with Adobe engineers that were a catalyst to discussions ranging from how to improve DPS’s documentation to Adobe’s future initiatives within DPS.

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